Zaza Awarded the Best Player

Zaza Awarded the Best Player

Valencia striker Simone Zaza has earned his title as the best La Liga player of the month for his performance last month.

The Italian has scored four goals last month, and continues through October with two goals in his last two games.

As a result, he has been awarded the best player of the month related to his performance in September.

The 26-year-old striker has been playing for the Italian national side since 2014, but he has not played since Euro 2016 when he missed a penalty in a shootout with Germany.

However, with Andrea Belotti likely absent for the Swedish counter game, the Azzurri nanny Giampiero Ventura has the option of calling Zaza or Mario Balotelli from Nice.

Before Zaza to Valencia, he underwent his career with Serie A champions Juventus.

Doctor Attach Synthetic Ligament at Knee Sergio van Dijk

Doctor Attach Synthetic Ligament at Knee Sergio van Dijk

Naturalization striker owned by Persib Bandung, Sergio van Dijk, was trying to re-graze with his colleagues. She is on a post-surgical recovery period.

Van Dijk suffered an ACL injury and thus had to undergo surgery. He needed a long time to rest as predicted to reach 10 months.

Former Adelaide United player is admitted to have started to practice though separately and accompanied routine physiotherapy Persib, Benedict Adi Prayitno.

“I have not joined with friends and practiced separately, because it must restore the leg muscles,” he said.

“After surgery, the muscles usually shrink and take a lot of time to grow again,” said this Dutch-born footballer.

He explained the development of his knee that is in recuperation.

“The development is quite good, the knee is stable but must strengthen the thigh muscles to help the knee added stable,” said Van Dijk.

Van Dijk states that he can recover faster because doctors install synthetic ligaments on his knees.

“ACL recovery usually takes about 7-10 months.The doctor put a synthetic ligament on my knee so the recovery is faster, it could be four months,” he explained.

This 35-year-old player can not wait to go back grazing and join the team Maung Bandung.

Next Season, AC Milan Costume Change Brand

Next Season, AC Milan Costume Change Brand

Sportswear company Adidas will end cooperation with AC Milan that has lasted for 20 years. Starting next season, Rossoneri will no longer wear the distinctive costume of three parallel strips

Reported by, sponsored cooperation contract between Adidas with AC Milan will end this season. The German company is no longer willing to extend cooperation.

The AC Milan officials have started negotiating with other sports clothing companies. Two leading brands, New Balance and Under Armor, have so far become the leading candidates who will replace Adidas for next season.

With the end of this partnership, the only Serie A club that will still be wearing Adidas costume next season is Juventus. Juventus itself has only been wearing Adidas since the 2015/2016 season. I Bianconeri entered into a contract with the manufacturer of the apparel for six years.

In addition to Adidas, AC Milan also ended the cooperation in response with Audi, the German automotive company, which has also been a historical part of the Italian giants club for a long time. (Abul Muamar)

Find New Sponsor

Meanwhile, AC Milan officials are currently flying to China to find new partner sponsors. Marco Fassone’s CEO remains in Milan to do business on television rights.

He will also attend the derby match against Inter Milan on Sunday (15/10/2017). This derby game will be very important as a revival event Milan.

Evan Dimas and Febri Hariyadi Go to List Buy Elite Club Malaysia

Evan Dimas and Febri Hariyadi Go to List Buy Elite Club Malaysia

Indonesian national team legend, Elie Aiboy, ensured two U-22 national team players, Febri Hariyadi and Evan Dimas, entered the list of two major Malaysian clubs. In addition to being a coach Persikasi Bekasi, Elie Aiboy admitted now also work as a player agent.

Elie does have proximity to Malaysian football. While still actively playing, 38-year-old man was once a star Selangor FA with Bambang Pamungkas.

“When I give a list of Indonesian players, two names are selected Febri Hariyadi and Evan Dimas,” said Elie, Thursday (5/10/2017).

“Febri was asking Selangor FA, while Evan interested Melaka United,” said the man born in Jayapura, Papua.

Febri has been bound by four-year contract by Persib. However, Evan’s contract with Bhayangkara FC will end this season.

The Malaysian soccer federation (FAM) is indeed finalizing a new policy for Malaysia Super League (MSL) 2018 by providing slots for players from Southeast Asia.

“Every football player with a national team status definitely has a higher bargaining power,” said Elie.

In addition to Febri and Evan, Borneo FC goalkeeper, Muhammad Ridho also became the name offered by Elie.

Shearer Criticized Conte’s Decision Dilaga Manchester City

Shearer Criticized Conte’s Decision Dilaga Manchester City

Newcastle United soccer legend Alan Shearer said he was furious with the decision to change the player who made Antonio Conte against Manchester City last weekend.

Game that took place at Stamford Bridge, Alvaro Morata injury ahead of the end of the first half, but instead the coach inserted Willian instead of Michy Batshuayi who looks at his best. Even the strategy did not go smoothly which actually made The Citizens won 1-0 through goals Kevin De Bruyne.

After watching the game, 47-year-old man was assessing Conte did not believe in his new recruits in his first year at that time.

“I do not understand why Antonio Conte did not play Michy Batshuayi when Alvaro Morata limped ahead of the end of the first half,” Alan Shearer told the media.

“He has just scored the winning goal in midweek against Atletico Madrid and his confidence is definitely on the rise.

“But Conte patted Willian instead of an untrusted Batshuayi until the 73rd minute. If he does not believe in what happened in the summer with their recruits.”

AS Roma Wins, Radja Nainggolan Not Satisfied with Team Performance

AS Roma Wins, Radja Nainggolan Not Satisfied with Team Performance

The Indonesian midfielder AS Roma, Radja Nainggolan, expressed dissatisfaction over his team’s performance in a 2-1 win over Qarabag Taruhan Bola.

AS Roma managed to win their second Champions League game of the season on their way to Baku Olympic Stadium on Wednesday (27/09/2017), Qarabag’s headquarters, with a score of 2-1.

Two goals wins the Roman Wolves created by Kostas Manolas in the seventh minute and Edin Dzeko in the 15th minute.

Meanwhile, the home team only able to minimize lag through Pedro Henrique in the 28th minute.

AS Roma midfielder, Radja Nainggolan, after the game commented on the performance of AS Roma. He said the team’s performance was not very good in this match.

However, the Batak blooded player is still grateful that his team can get three points.

“The important thing is to win tonight, we do not show good performance but take home three points so we can be satisfied with that,” Nainggolan told from Football Italia.

“Maybe we think that this game will be easy so there are many elements we underestimate this match,” he said again.

With this result, AS Roma managed to collect four points in Group C from two games and are second behind Chelsea who have six points after a 2-1 win over Atletico Madrid.

D’Ambrosio: Important To Win

D’Ambrosio: Important To Win

Inter winner Danilo D’Ambrosio said his team needed to beat Genoa after scoring a decisive goal at the end of the game.

After a 100 percent record victory halted while being held to a draw in Bologna in midweek, the Nerazzurri are believed to be defeating this weekend.

However, center-back D’Ambrosio in the 87th minute finally broke the deadlock and ensured the San Siro camp remained just two points off the top of the standings.

“I managed to contribute one goal to get three points and I am happy,” D’Ambrosio said after the final whistle.

“It’s important to win and we managed to do it. Although we were overwhelmed, we realized we were against a team that lost the previous game and we did not want to waste any opportunity. ”

“We always want to get maximum results.”

Inter boss Luciano Spalletti showed a sense of relief over D’Ambrosio’s last-minute goal by kissing Ambrosio during a celebration.

“Maybe he really likes me! The boss sues everyone and everything. ”

“This team must again fight for respect. We can not just rely on Icardi and Perisic for goals. ”

“We want to return to the top of the table, and our trip to the top of the table will continue.”

Acknowledgment Gundogan Fear Fear Can not Strengthen Manchester City Again, Why?

Acknowledgment Gundogan Fear Fear Can not Strengthen Manchester City Again, Why?

Ilkay Gundogan claimed to have been hit by a high fear, about the shadow will never be able to find his best performance again after the natural worst injury last.

The German international midfielder made his first appearance, as he played as a substitute in City’s 6-0 victory over Watford last weekend. Chances are he will perform from the beginning when The Citizens meet West Brom in the third round of the League Cup on Thursday (21/9) tomorrow.

It will be his first match since suffering an ACL injury late last December. An injury that ruined his slick appearance in the first season in Blue Sky after the migration from Borussia Dortmund.

The 26-year-old also went through most of the 2013-14 season with a back injury, making him fail to take on the German squad that won the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Then the nerve damage to his knee he suffered in training session with Dortmund in May 2016, made him also missed the 2016 European Cup title in France.

Gundogan admitted there was a severe psychological pressure from the factor of his long injury. It resulted in him not the same player as before, especially severely injured December 14 last.

“It was a very long wait, and also difficult. That’s why it feels so special to be back. I am very sad to only watch in front of TV or in the stands, ”

“Honestly, you feel like no longer part of this team anymore. You do not go with the team anymore. You do anything by yourself or with a physical doctor, ”

“So of course, that is the worst feeling you can have as a soccer player. So that’s also why it’s so hard to miss for months. ”

“The worst time of course when you suffer an injury or when I know what really happened. When you know there will be six, seven, eight, nine months absent. It’s a very bad feeling. ”

“If I say I’m the same player as I was a year ago, I will lie with it. I mean, through injury, you do not feel the same anymore. You do not feel like you’ve been the strongest man in the world, it never happened to me, ”

“I have two injuries to my knee. And I know what to do to prepare myself in the match and to warm up on the knee, get well soon, ”

“I will do everything I can to recover as soon as possible. It will happen to all injuries! I think I’m ready now! Ready to play, stay confident, stay fit. To enjoy the game. “(Source: Daily Mail)

League Result 1, Bali United Keep Distance with Bhayangkara FC

League Result 1, Bali United Keep Distance with Bhayangkara FC

Bali United 2-1 win over Persija Jakarta in the League 1 advanced party at the Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Gianyar, Friday (15/09/2017) Agen Bola Sbobet.

Two goals from Bali United were scored by Sylvano Comvalius and Irfan Bachdim. On the other hand, Persija reply via Bambang Pamungkas.

With this result, Bali United perched in second place with a collection of 48 points.

They simultaneously keep a point from the top-of-the-table standings, Bhayangkara FC, who won 2-1 at Semen Padang on the same day.

As host, Bali United is able to dominate the game and create many opportunities since the first round begins.

The result, the team beridas Serdadu Tridatu able to score two goals when the game has not even run for 20 minutes.

Sylvano Comvalius resumed his positive trend in terms of breaking the opponent’s goal with a break in the ninth minute. He used the bait from Irfan Bachdim.

Eight minutes later, both exchange roles. Thanks to Comvalius’s service, Bachdim doubled the lead.

Score 2-0 to excellence Tridatu Serdadu survive until the first half ended.

After the second half began, Persija took the initiative to launch an attack in order to catch up. Umanailo and Maman Abdurrahman took turns creating chances to score, but have yet to come to fruition.

Persija goal finally created through a header by Bambang Pamungkas in the 61st minute. Welcoming the Rohit Chand cross from the right side of the home defense, Bepe, his familiar greeting, was able to score his first goal of the season.

Only, the second goal is not expected to come Persija. 2-1 score for the victory of Bali United was plastered when the long whistle sounded.

Albertini: Milan Not Reasonable

Albertini: Milan Not Reasonable

AC Milan legend Demetrio Albertini wants his former team to stop making excuses, and focus fully on their struggle in the eye of the Scudetto.

In the transfer market this summer, the Rossonerri do shopping jor-rod in the stock. They bring in Leonardo Bonucci’s classmates Hakan Calhanoglu and Andre Silva into the club.

It made the expected expectations of the team very high, and Albertini wanted Rossonerri to meet those expectations.

“I believe that if a club wants to build a successful project, then they should be able to maintain a successful mindset,” the legend told reporters. “They will only evaluate the difficulties they face once they are met, at the end of the season.”

“There can be no alibi or reason. In the present, the club should not think about any problems that may occur in the future. “