League Result 1, Bali United Keep Distance with Bhayangkara FC

League Result 1, Bali United Keep Distance with Bhayangkara FC

Bali United 2-1 win over Persija Jakarta in the League 1 advanced party at the Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Gianyar, Friday (15/09/2017) Agen Bola Sbobet.

Two goals from Bali United were scored by Sylvano Comvalius and Irfan Bachdim. On the other hand, Persija reply via Bambang Pamungkas.

With this result, Bali United perched in second place with a collection of 48 points.

They simultaneously keep a point from the top-of-the-table standings, Bhayangkara FC, who won 2-1 at Semen Padang on the same day.

As host, Bali United is able to dominate the game and create many opportunities since the first round begins.

The result, the team beridas Serdadu Tridatu able to score two goals when the game has not even run for 20 minutes.

Sylvano Comvalius resumed his positive trend in terms of breaking the opponent’s goal with a break in the ninth minute. He used the bait from Irfan Bachdim.

Eight minutes later, both exchange roles. Thanks to Comvalius’s service, Bachdim doubled the lead.

Score 2-0 to excellence Tridatu Serdadu survive until the first half ended.

After the second half began, Persija took the initiative to launch an attack in order to catch up. Umanailo and Maman Abdurrahman took turns creating chances to score, but have yet to come to fruition.

Persija goal finally created through a header by Bambang Pamungkas in the 61st minute. Welcoming the Rohit Chand cross from the right side of the home defense, Bepe, his familiar greeting, was able to score his first goal of the season.

Only, the second goal is not expected to come Persija. 2-1 score for the victory of Bali United was plastered when the long whistle sounded.

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