It’s New Match Jose Mourinho in MU Midfield

It’s New Match Jose Mourinho in MU Midfield

Manchester United midfield (MU) is now more excited. The performance of young midfielder Scott McTominay the more brilliant to make the Red Satan stronghold more confident with their magic square.

Not once two McTominay got praise from coach Jose Mourinho. The man from Portugal was not even hesitate to claim McTominay as a new flagship in midfield MU.

The 21-year-old star appeared as a starter when Manchester United faced Bournemouth in the 17th week of action. After the game ended, Mourinho sent praise for McTominay.

“I do not think he is a young player I yesterday downed, he is not Scott young anymore, he is Scott, a Manchester United player,” said Mourinho.

Previously, Mourinho had received criticism for rarely giving the opportunity to the academy players to perform with the main team. However, Mourinho proves that the assumption is not true.

“I want to keep MU’s identity that often gives rise to young stars, so I want to promote at least one player every season, this time I bring up McTominay,” said the Portuguese manager.

Threatening Herrera

Ander Herrera’s position is threatened by the presence of young player Scott McTominay.
Mourinho hopes McTominay could become Michael Carrick’s successor in the future. Carrick has become a mainstay of Manchester United midfield because it plays very well as an anchor midfielder.

However, inevitably, this condition increasingly cornered Ander Herrera. Because, currently, Herrea is often played Mourinho plays the position.

Back Confidence

MU confident return to compete in the championship path. (AP Photo / Dave Thompson)

MU itself is now back confident. The 1-0 win over Bournemouth makes the Red Devils again confident that they can still compete in the championship path.

Previously, MU troops had down after defeated rivals Manchester City, 0-1 in the derby. The defeat even had time to make observers pessimistic MU can chase the neighbor.

Currently, MU is in second place Premier League standings. Their scores, 38, are 11 points fewer than Manchester City at the top of the standings.

Guardiola: I Want To See Pogba In Manchester Derby

Guardiola: I Want To See Pogba In Manchester Derby

Manchester United certainly can not be reinforced Paul Pogba while undergoing Manchester derby Manchester City counter, this weekend Agen piala dunia 2018.

Where Pogba got a red card when seen stepping foot Hector Bellerin deliberately dilaga counter Arsenal last weekend.

And with the incident, Pogba certainly absent when United entertain City on December 10 next. Of course the absence of Pogba will reduce the power of the Red Devils when serving The Citizens.

Regarding the news, Pep Guardiola just did not feel benefited, the article he prefers the French midfielder could face his team.

“I want Pogba to play against us, because I want to face the team with the best players, to see if we can beat them,” said Guardiola.