Mbappe: Join PSG Best Option

Mbappe: Join PSG Best Option

Kylian Mbappe refused an offer to join Arsenal and instead chose Paris Saint-Germain, because it is considered more profitable.

Mbappe is the main target of the Gunners, who failed to qualify for the Champions League after finishing fifth in the Premier League last season.

“Yes, I met with Arsene Wenger, who is a great coach,” I’m Mbappe.

“He’s got a good reputation in France, he’s respected and knows how to polish young players.

“This is the best option for me. But, of course, Paris Saint-Germain is my choice. We are weighing the advantages and disadvantages of all the clubs, but my family says this is my decision.

“I made this decision for a long time. So it’s all up to me and I decided to come here so I can go further. “

Lampard is confident Chelsea hold on to the English Premier League title

Lampard is confident Chelsea hold on to the English Premier League title

Chelsea football legend Frank Lampard believes the team he once defended this summer can come out as a champion again.

The big belief, because the Blues have a solid back line where have quality names that have been full of experiences such as Gary Cahill, Cesar Azpilicueta and also David Luiz.

Even if Eden Hazard has fully recovered and re-grazed then the Premier League trophy frank believes it will stay at Stamford Bridge this summer.

“If Eden Hazard gets fitter then they’ll get the best set up,” Eden Hazard told the media.

“They are organized and with three defenders in the back so it will be brilliant.

“They survive better than anyone.”

Nara: Mauro Icardi Stays at Inter Milan

Nara: Mauro Icardi Stays at Inter Milan

Agent from Mauro Icardi, Wanda Nara, confirmed that his client will remain in his club, Inter Milan Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

Before the transfer window ends, the Argentine midfielder was linked to join Antonio Conte’s side, Chelsea.

Nara also confirmed that Icardi currently still has a good relationship with Inter.

Some time ago the player also stated that he had no intention to leave the Nerazzurri.

Nara says “Icardi left Inter? It’s just a hoax. ”

“He once spoke to me, that he never wanted to leave Inter.”

“The news about Chelsea? It’s an issue that never really works. ”

“Here I want to emphasize that Icardi is happy to be at Inter. And for that I hope the public does not really believe the news about him. “

Unique Hair Pogba Ticked Indonesian Party

Unique Hair Pogba Ticked Indonesian Party

For a long time, Paul Pogba as a Manchester United player, is known as one of the players who like to change hair color.

For example when facing Liverpool where he wrote the letter “P” on his hair is painted yellow and black color around the letter.

But not long ago the Frenchman made his hair color white, which was much talked about by Indonesia and was convinced a form of support.

Actually the color of the hair at once made Indonesia as a form of sindirian to Malaysia, but some observers of football is the color of the jersey MU, which is red and white.